Hi! We are the James'. 

Justin & Caroline - we are two kids from Texas who met on a dating app (not Tinder), fell madly in love, and got married within 9 months. Now we have one little girl, Peyton, who we adore to the moon and back. 

As a Dallas husband and wife photography team, we have been capturing the beauty and special moments of weddings for over 8+ years, (two together), and we're not stopping anytime soon. Justin started shooting film in high school, digital in college, and now shoots a combination of the two. Film is favorite, though. 

When we're not shooting, we're changing diapers, taking walks, exploring Bishop Arts (usually for food), enjoying good coffee, or relaxing with a good craft beer (Justin) or glass of cabernet (Caroline). 

What We Love About Weddings

We love the stories

We love telling stories. We can sit for hours and talk about "that time when" or "remember how" or "what about when you." Weddings are the same. You'll hopefully look back 10, 20, 50+ years from now and tell each other stories. How much better are those moments when you have the right images to help tell the story in full? Being able to not just remember, but see the way you felt when you saw one another for the first time, shared your first kiss, or danced your last dance, is such a precious thing. 

We love first looks

To this day, our favorite moment ever was the time we spent together alone during our first look at our wedding. We chose to take this time to read our vows to one another privately, and it's still been the most special, intimate, and profound moment together, and probably always will be. Seeing Caroline for the first time... I was speechless. She was absolutely stunning! And the fact that I got to share that moment with her alone was even better. We both cried reading our vows to one another. 

We love albums

We want to give everyone their first heirloom, a wedding album. We can't express enough how incredible it is to have a beautiful book of your most favorite and moments from your day, sitting on your coffee table for the world to see. We seriously will do whatever it takes to get an album in your hands.