Tyler & Aubrey: Downtown Dallas Wedding at 400 North Ervay


My how the time flies! This wedding features two of our very best friends in the world. At the time we met them, Caroline and I weren't married yet, had just started going to Shoreline City (then Shoreline Dallas) and these two lovebirds were trying to plan a wedding in practically two months! 

Thankfully, they're the most easy-going, cool people around. But what an answer to prayer when we met them in our pre-marital class and just happen to tell them we're wedding photographers. I remember Aubrey telling us what her first thought was, "Oh that's nice. (but yeah, everyone is a 'photographer' these days)."

A couple hours after meeting them we get a text from Tyler & Aubrey telling us how much they loved our work and how honored they would be for us to be their photographers for their wedding day! We were stoked! Not only did we have new friends, but now we're getting to shoot their wedding, too!

Y'all, there's nothing we love more in the world than getting to spend one of the most important and joyful days in life with a couple and walking away from the day knowing we've made lifelong friends.


Aubrey has one of the most genuine and gentle personalities, and truly radiates love from the inside out. We love this picture of her with the soft, natural light and her calm, peaceful expression. It made for the perfect moment before their first look.


The vow books were custom-made and absolutely beautiful. Totally photo-worthy! Their handwritten vows were exchanged privately first, letting the other read these most sacred words before expressing them publicly in front of their closest friends and family.


Can we talk about the absolutely stunning job Betsy Baldwin did of turning this rooftop in downtown Dallas into a dreamy, unique ceremony space? Tyler & Aubrey wanted their attendees to encircle them, signifying how they expect those who love and support them to remain doing just that throughout the rest of their lives. Betsy took their minimalist vision and executed flawlessly with greenery, pastel florals, and ivory candles.


Did we mention we love first looks? What a special time between a bride and groom!


The light in the early evening in downtown, with sunbeams bouncing off tall glass buildings, provided the perfect backdrop for some fun, intimate portraits of the bride and groom.


We're most proud of the above portrait! Tyler and Aubrey chose to print this as a large portrait and hang in their apartment.


Jacob & Christa: Dallas Engagement Photography

We Love Shooting with Friends

We feel so absolutely fortunate to be able to shoot and work with people we consider dear friends. Jacob and Christa are some of our favorite people in the world, and we became such fast friends with the two of them.

We were referred to them by Tyler & Aubrey, some of our absolute best friends in the world, and other wedding clients of ours! We also go to church with Jacob and Christa at Shoreline City in Dallas. Tyler and Aubrey couldn't stop talking about what incredible people they are, and how much fun we were going to have if we got the chance to shoot their engagement photos and their wedding.

It started off with a dinner at Mod Market, a cool new restaurant in Dallas. Christa suggested the place where we all shared some pizza and amazing conversation. Christa told us how they met, while Jacob listened intently. I have to say, any time we get to have a meal with our clients and it includes pizza, I'm all in!

After some small talk about how they met and their plans for the future, we asked Jacob if he wouldn't mind sharing the story about how he proposed. Please read on, and guys, take note.


The Engagement Story

Y'all... he did it right!

They went to Lawrence, Kansas with one of their best friends that went to KU (go Jayhawks!). They had visited the year before at Christmas time and decided to go back a year later. Also, Lawrence just so happens to be the place where these two lovebirds started liking each other, so what better place to propose than where it all started?

Jacob and Daniel (one of his best friends who'd made the trip with them) built this incredible light display in the middle of a gazebo near the center of downtown Lawrence. On the walk over to The Eldridge, a nearby hotel, Jacob and Christa stopped along the way.

This was it. The moment he had planned to ask Christa to marry him.

Long story short... She said yes!

Jacob has to be one of the most thoughtful and romantic men we've ever met. Later we'll share with you the video of his vows from their wedding day, where you'll surely cry.

Seriously, they are two of the best people we know and we are honored to call them friends. They bring a smile to our faces every time we see them, and we can't brag on them enough! 


Engagement Photos at Brake & Clutch Warehouse

Jacob and Christa wanted a cool, urban setting for their engagement photos, and we knew Brake & Clutch Warehouse would be the best place for them. I worked with the owner of Brake & Clutch, Andi, a few years back, and we became great friends, doing numerous photo shoots together.

Andi was so kind to let us shoot at this amazing location in Deep Ellum, even before they were open.

If you're looking for a venue with incredible natural light, an industrial and urban feel, and convenient for those around Dallas, you have to consider this wedding venue. The owners are incredible, helpful people who will help you get anything you need and will work to provide the best engagement or wedding photography experience possible.

They also have tons of accessories for your wedding including, but not limited to, tables, chairs, wine barrels, archways, etc. Their bridal suite is a sight to behold, and the perfect place for a bride to get ready and have beautiful photos. 

If you're interested in having your engagement photos or wedding at Brake & Clutch, you can click the button below to schedule a tour or send them a quick note.


If you're looking for an engagement photographer or wedding photographer in Dallas, we'd love to get to know you, hear your story, and talk with you about your goals and dreams for your big day!

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Well, it only took us months and months of designing, shooting, editing, more designing, re-branding, to finally get to this point. We've been needing a new brand and new website to accompany that brand for quite some time. 

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Or if you'd rather chat with us directly, definitely contact us! We'd love to hear from you! 

To leave you on a good note, here's a recent photo I (Justin) took of my wife and daughter from a morning shoot at White Rock Lake here in Dallas. It's one of our favorite locations to shoot. I mean, c'mon... isn't that light and fog just so incredible? Oh, and aren't these ladies just the most beautiful things you've ever seen? Look, I know your baby is cute and all, but Peyton is absolutely, hands-down the most precious and adorable baby there is. 

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